August 04, 2006

Mr. Russell Bliss

Hi There,

I am so very happy to inform you that young Mr. Russell Bliss has been awarded the World Class 3D Modeling Student Version Software package from the SolidWorks Corporation. This is the same exact software that the engineers used to design parts and test them on the robotic rovers now on the surface of the Martian landscape. A real engineering success and it is working to perfection. It is the hope of the SolidWorks Corporation that young Mr. Bliss will learn this software like the real pros out there know it and also that he will study hard in school so he can be a real part of the exciting days to come. I personally want to thank the SolidWorks people for this really terrific presentation to this young man. Your help in educating the youth of our country to learn the same tools that the engineers, designers and other technicians use out there is commendable.
Once again I thank you.
Sincerely, Richard Williams

Linda L. Archambault Principal at Gibson Middle School, Las Vegas, Nevada
Norman Bliss Grandfather living in Texas
Christine Morse SolidWorks Education Marketing Specialist & STEM Grant Director