February 13, 2006

Happy Birthday Uncle Lee.

Francis Lee is my father’s brother, my Uncle Lee. Marian is my Uncle Lee’s wife. My Aunt Marian.
(I need some newer pictures)

Happy Birthday Summer Antoinette

Summer Antoinette is Teresa daughter, Teresa is Antoinette daughter Antoinette is my daughter.

February 09, 2006

George Washington’s Birthday.

It’s not President’s Day it’s

George Washington’s Birthday.

Happy Birthday New Baby Girl, Grandpa Loves You.

Teresa has a new baby girl, born February 2006. Teresa is Antoinette’s daughter Antoinette is my daughter. I have a new Baby


Happy Birthday J. Phyllis

J. Phyllis is my sister. Phyllis is holding Kayden, Kayden is Sarah youngest son, Sarah is Edna’s Daughter Edna is my Daughter.

Daniel is the baldheaded one in the picture.

Happy Birthday Jarred Allen

Jarred is Jerry’s son, Jerry is Phyllis’s youngest son, Phyllis is my sister.

Happy Birthday Gary Jr.

This is Gary Jr., J. Phyllis’s oldest son, J. Phyllis is my sister.