April 10, 2005

Dearest Uncle Norm

I was at a yard sale one day and saw a box marked
"Electronic cat and dog caller-- guaranteed to work."

I looked inside and was amused to see......an electric can opener!

April 03, 2005

Jabber Jabber or Geek-Talk


Hello Family and Friends

I am new at this, so give me a break, thanks. Tony, are you ever going to turn your computer on? Julie, how’s the family? Thanks for helping with the pictures. Edna, do you ever stay at home? Antoinette, put the coffee on. Kaye, keep the emails coming, they make my day. $Donnie$, you work to hard. Take a break. Go snowboarding. Hi Dawn. Richard, when you going to visit me? Marian, how’s the boys? Say hi to U Lee. Did you get the password? Teresa, How you and the new baby doing? You looked beat in the pictures. Chad had a smile from ear to ear. Thaisa, send some pictures, haven’t seen you in a long time. Sorry to here about the Pope John. Good man.