September 30, 2006

Congratulations’, Donnie and Claudia Bliss


Donnie and Claudia Bliss

Has a 7lbs. Baby Girl.

Angela Maria Bliss

Donnie and Claudia Bliss
Has a 7lbs. Baby Girl.
Angela Maria Bliss

Donnie and Claudia Bliss
Has a 7lbs. Baby Girl.
Angela Maria Bliss

August 25, 2006

"To Have A Recall Is A Hit. Part Of The Brand Value Is QUALITY."

"To have a recall is a hit. Part of the brand value is quality."

Holy smoke: Apple recalls 1.8 million laptop batteries. Fire hazard problem.

Holy smoke: Dell to recall 4.1 million laptop batteries. Fire hazard problem.

Holy smoke: Sony’s peace of crap, batteries.

READ THE FULL STORY... Apple... Dell...

Recall, Apple...

Recall, Dell...

They may be Sony’s peace of crap batteries, but Dell and Apple served them!

Consumer Products Safety Commission...
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August 14, 2006

RECALL Lincoln Navigators

See pictures of Edna's Lincoln Navigator at…

Engine Fire Hazard and Power Steering Concerns Affect Millions of Vehicles

Ford Motor Co. recalled 3.8 million pickup trucks and sport-utility vehicles for a cruise control switch suspected of causing engine fires. It is the fifth-largest auto industry recall in U.S. history.
Ford said the recall of 1994-2002 model-year vehicles includes the company's hot-selling F-150 pickup truck, Ford Expedition, Lincoln Navigator and Ford Bronco. The company said it would start sending recall notices to vehicle owners immediately.
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the No. 2 U.S.-based automaker have been investigating complaints of engine fires linked to the switch.

In the Ford case, NHTSA has received more than 550 complaints of engine fires from the cruise control switch. There have been allegations of three deaths in cases cited in news reports or lawsuits in Iowa, Georgia and Arkansas.

Ford said its inquiry found that brake fluid could leak through the cruise control's deactivation switch into the system's electrical components, leading to potential corrosion. The corrosion could lead to a buildup of electrical current that could cause overheating and fire.

Lincoln Navigator Recall Information
NEWS: Cruise control switch short circuit
Production delays hamper Ford recall
Ford Motor Co. said Tuesday that replacement parts used in its recall of 3.8 million pickup trucks and sport utility vehicles would not be available until February because of production delays. In September, the automaker recalled 1994-2002 model-year vehicles amid complaints of engine fires linked to the cruise control switch system. The recall covered the F-150 pickup, Ford Expedition, Lincoln Navigator and Ford Bronco.

August 04, 2006

Mr. Russell Bliss

Hi There,

I am so very happy to inform you that young Mr. Russell Bliss has been awarded the World Class 3D Modeling Student Version Software package from the SolidWorks Corporation. This is the same exact software that the engineers used to design parts and test them on the robotic rovers now on the surface of the Martian landscape. A real engineering success and it is working to perfection. It is the hope of the SolidWorks Corporation that young Mr. Bliss will learn this software like the real pros out there know it and also that he will study hard in school so he can be a real part of the exciting days to come. I personally want to thank the SolidWorks people for this really terrific presentation to this young man. Your help in educating the youth of our country to learn the same tools that the engineers, designers and other technicians use out there is commendable.
Once again I thank you.
Sincerely, Richard Williams

Linda L. Archambault Principal at Gibson Middle School, Las Vegas, Nevada
Norman Bliss Grandfather living in Texas
Christine Morse SolidWorks Education Marketing Specialist & STEM Grant Director

June 10, 2006

The Future: One Youngster at a Time

The young man was sitting in his seat waiting for me to tell the large audience what he as an eleven year old designed and built with my help. It was Awards Night at R. O. Gibson Middle School, in Las Vegas, Nevada, and there were many awards given to those students with notable academic achievements. Those not getting awards were there to cheer on their friends and show support. There was one young man by the name of Russell Bliss that achieved something that no other school mate had done in any recent times. He has a creative mind that was first noticed by this author and encouraged to grow at his own level and pace. He designed a solar oven that has reached temperatures of about 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Russell is now planning to cook some great meals using the sun’s energy.

By Richard Williams

The Future: One Youngster at a Time

This was mostly a wood working project but the principals of Solar Absorption and heating along with the angle of incidence (reflected mirrored sunlight) had to be planned for in advance. Young Mr. Bliss wanted something more than a box with a window glass, he wanted angle adjustments to track the elevation of the sun as it climbed in the sky and also a way to follow it as it crossed from East to West. This was adding much more complexity to a proven design but it did not discourage him. He drew sketches and discussed his ideas with me his mentor. My idea was only to guide him and to get the materials together so we could build his design. We worked on the project one hour per week in the parking lot of his school. Windy days, cold days and even some rain at times did not stop us. The partially built “Russell Solar Oven” is shown down below just about half way through. Some engineering changes had to be made after we discussed it and agreed upon the design improvements.
By Richard Williams

The Future: One Youngster at a Time

By Richard Williams

The Future: One Youngster at a Time

Russell was surprising me with his understanding of structural mechanics. He understood that the windy conditions that are often times felt in the desert meant that much needed bracing and properly designed supports had to be incorporated into the original plans. The reflective mirrors had to have a very specific angle of 60 degrees off of the horizontal surface of the window glass opening, if they were going to work properly and to increase the overall efficiency of the oven. How to mount the supports and to brace them had to be skillfully planned before continuing with the project. Using SolidWorks, a 3D world class modeling software, was instrumental in seeing the engineered design changes before implementing them. Slowly things were taking shape and it was starting to look very futuristic and even exciting to the both of us. I could see it in his face that he was enjoying this project very much. Russell now knows the need for good reading and math skills. It was decided upon, that we would build it to one forth of the full scale model. A strong relationship was building between us. I enjoyed teaching proper and safe tool usage because Russell learned very quickly. He wasn’t the only one learning things. I was getting a free insight into a young man’s mind and how eleven year olds think. That knowledge I could apply to my other students when I teach them different things. The reward that I am getting for helping a young man like Russell is beyond any kind of value that I have ever known before. I remember this quote and I do not know the author of it but it does seem appropriate for the message that I am trying to convey. “We never stand so tall then when we stoop to help a youngster.” Helping one youngster at a time is a meaningful endeavor and if we all did that we would have a much better world. There is a world full of youngsters that could use an adult friend and counselor. I do not make demands upon him but I do discuss the ramifications of the actions that he takes. Someday Russell will be teaching me, but in the meantime I will be ready to teach, counsel and be a friend to him while he is maturing nicely. Here are some more pictures of the Awards Night and Russell’s creation. I am so proud of this young man.
By Richard Williams

The Future: One Youngster at a Time

By Richard Williams

The Future: One Youngster at a Time

The Future: One Youngster at a Time

By Richard Williams

The Future: One Youngster at a Time

By Richard Williams

May 03, 2006

Happy Birthday Card

If you are having a birthday this month and don’t see your Happy Birthday Card, please contact
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May 02, 2006

Update on Kathleen Gonzales

Kathleen is not doing well. She has been back to the hospital for more operations and her infection is not getting any better. Her MED., for the infection is one thousand dollars a week.
We need to pray for her

Happy Mother's Day

This is my mother Goldie and my father Richard.
Mother's Day is a day for celebrating motherhood and thanking mothers. In the United States, it is held on the second Sunday of May. Mothers often receive gifts on this day. Tradition calls for the wearing of roses or carnations on Mother's Day — a red one if one's mother is alive, white if she has died, and pink if one is not certain.

Happy Birthday Eli

This is my son Eli, standing in the middle next to his mother Sally.

Happy Birthday Ryan

This is my grandson Ryan, Eli’s son, Ryan has the hat on, My grandson Donnie and Eli, Eli is my son.

Memorial Day

People observe this holiday by visiting cemeteries and memorials. A National Moment of Remembrance takes place at 3 PM. Another tradition is to fly the U.S. Flag at half-staff from dawn until noon local time. In addition to remembrance, Memorial Day is also a time for picnics, family gatherings, and sporting events. One of the longest standing traditions is the running of the Indianapolis 500, which has been held in conjunction with Memorial Day since 1911.

May 01, 2006

Congratulation Sarah Harrington and Kathleen Gonzales.

Congratulation Sarah Harrington and Kathleen Gonzales on making the Cheerleading teem for the San Angelo Stampede Express Football Teem.

Urgent, we need to pray for Kathleen Gonzales; on March 5 2006 she was in a very bad car accident. She was in the operating room for 7hrs (maul table fractures) I’m affray her Cheerleading days are over. Way-teen for word from DR.
Kathleen Gonzales
San Angelo, Texas 76904
(325) 944-4351

April 03, 2006

Update on Kathleen Gonzales

Kathleen is not doing well. She has been back to the hospital twice, once for two operations and an infection. Her MED., for the infection is one thousand dollars.
We need to pray for her

Easter Sunday

Easter is the most important religious holiday of the Christian liturgical year, observed April 16, 2006 to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, which Christians believe occurred after his death by crucifixion.

Ten Commandments

1. I am the LORD your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage. You shall have no other gods before me. You shall not make for yourself a graven image, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is on the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth; you shall not bow down to them or serve them; for I the LORD your God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me, but showing steadfast love to thousands of those who love me and keep my commandments.

2. You shall not take the name of the LORD your God in vain: for the LORD will not hold him guiltless who takes his name in vain.

3. Observe the Sabbath day, to keep it holy, as the LORD your God commanded you. Six days you shall labor, and do all your work; but the seventh day is a Sabbath to the LORD your God; in it you shall not do any work, you, or your son, or your daughter, or your manservant, or your maidservant, or your ox, or your ass, or any of your cattle, or the sojourner who is within your gates, that your manservant and your maidservant may rest as well as you. You shall remember that you were a servant in the land of Egypt, and the LORD your God brought you out thence with a mighty hand and an outstretched arm; therefore the LORD your God commanded you to keep the Sabbath day.

4. Honor your father and your mother, as the LORD your God commanded you; that your days may be prolonged, and that it may go well with you, in the land which the LORD your God gives you.

5. You shall not murder.

6. Neither shall you commit adultery.

7. Neither shall you steal.

8. Neither shall you bear false witness against your neighbor.

9. Neither shall you covet your neighbor's wife

10. And you shall not desire your neighbor's house, his field, or his manservant, or his maidservant, his ox, or his ass, or anything that is your neighbor's.

History of Christianity...

Jesus Christ...


Happy Birthday Marian

Marian is my aunt, married to my uncle Lee, Lee is my father’s brother.

Happy Birthday John Ashton

John is little Eli’s son, little Eli is big Eli son and Eli is my son.

Happy Birthday Nancy

Nancy is Joann’s daughter, Joann is my sister.

Happy Birthday Nicole Szalay

Nicole is Jerry’s daughter, Jerry is Phyllis’s son and Phyllis is my sister

Happy Birthday Jean Rene

Jean is Jerry’s daughter, Jerry is Phyllis’s son and Phyllis is my sister.

Happy Birthday Deborah Jean

Deborah is my brother Richard’s daughter.

March 03, 2006

Happy Birthday Salli Maria

This is my granddaughter Salli. Salli is Donnie’s daughter and Donnie is my son.

Happy Birthday Christopher Brayden

This is my great-grandson Brayden, Sarah’s son, Sarah is Edna’s daughter. Edna is my daughter.

Happy Birthday John Christopher

John is Julie’s husband, Julie is Phyllis’s daughter and Phyllis is my sister.

Julie, John, (John is the one with the beard and showing his age LOL) Gary JR and Phyllis.

Happy Birthday Tyler Anthony

This is my great-grandson Tyler Anthony. Tyler Anthony is Anthony Jr. and Rachel’s son and Anthony is Antoinette son. Antoinette is my daughter.

Happy Birthday Kaylee Raeann

This is my great-granddaughter Kaylee with her brother Tyler. Kaylee is Anthony Jr. and Rachel’s daughter and Anthony is Antoinette son. Antoinette is my daughter.

Saint Patrick's Day

Saint Patrick's Day, is the Irish feast day which celebrates Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. It is a legal holiday in the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, the overseas territory of Montserrat and the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador. It is celebrated worldwide by the Irish, Scottish, and those of Celtic descent and increasingly by many of non-Irish descent.

Four-Leaf Clover

There Are Two Kinds of People in the World - Those Who Have Found Their Four-Leaf Clover, and Those Who Are Still Looking.

Happy Birthday Mariano Eddie Jr.

This is my grandson, Eddie JR is Eddie’s son and Eddie is my son.

Happy Birthday Barry Lee

My cousin Barry Lee, Happy Birthday Barry

Happy Birthday James Jay

My sister Joann’s son.

February 13, 2006

Happy Birthday Uncle Lee.

Francis Lee is my father’s brother, my Uncle Lee. Marian is my Uncle Lee’s wife. My Aunt Marian.
(I need some newer pictures)

Happy Birthday Summer Antoinette

Summer Antoinette is Teresa daughter, Teresa is Antoinette daughter Antoinette is my daughter.

February 09, 2006

George Washington’s Birthday.

It’s not President’s Day it’s

George Washington’s Birthday.

Happy Birthday New Baby Girl, Grandpa Loves You.

Teresa has a new baby girl, born February 2006. Teresa is Antoinette’s daughter Antoinette is my daughter. I have a new Baby


Happy Birthday J. Phyllis

J. Phyllis is my sister. Phyllis is holding Kayden, Kayden is Sarah youngest son, Sarah is Edna’s Daughter Edna is my Daughter.

Daniel is the baldheaded one in the picture.

Happy Birthday Jarred Allen

Jarred is Jerry’s son, Jerry is Phyllis’s youngest son, Phyllis is my sister.

Happy Birthday Gary Jr.

This is Gary Jr., J. Phyllis’s oldest son, J. Phyllis is my sister.

January 03, 2006

Happy Birthday Edna

This is my daughter Edna Goldie and her two grandsons Brayden, the oldest, and Kayden. Sarah’s boys. Edna is married to Daniel.

Happy Birthday Donnie

Happy Birthday Donnie

This is my second oldest son Donnie.

Happy Birthday Daniel

This is my son-in-law Daniel. Edna’s husband.
This is payback for taping my car doors closed in the Wal-Mart parking lot.

Happy Birthday Thomas

Happy Birthday Thomas (Tom)

This is my younger brother Tom.

Happy Birthday Laura

Happy Birthday Laura

This is my granddaughter Laura, M. Eddie’s daughter. M. Eddie is my oldest son.

This pitcher was taken when Laura was a baby. She is married now and has two babies of her own. (I need some pictures)!